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Objects, sound, even names... All of it was lost from the world piece by piece.

Only words remain, until letter by letter it looks as if they’re about to disappear as well.

Someone needs to find the cause and a solution while the ability to communicate is still left. As with any big problem facing humanity, the only way to solve this is for everyone to work together be_ore t_ere ar_ n_ w__ds ____.



  • At points during the game you’ll be prompted to pick a letter. This letter will then disappear from all text in-game, so of course you’re going to be sensible and choose letters that aren’t used much. Feel free to pick more common letters if you want to play on Hard mode though.
  • Through talking with people, those you recruit to your cause may help you solve the mystery or recruit others to. Or they may hinder you. Don’t listen to their suggestions if they seem like meanies.
  • Solve the mystery and you’ll get a chance to take on the final boss. No spoilers ;)
    Oh wait, I guess telling you that was kind of a spoiler :0
  • A 16,000 word script with dynamic dialogue choices as you gain allies and learn about how the situation is affecting various kinds of people. Everyone in this game is a little bit frazzled, and reacting in their own ways; be the duck’s back and let it all slide off you.
  • 4 ways to solve the mystery depending on whom you recruit. The more you recruit, the easier it’ll be to solve and win over the final boss. But spending time recruiting risks losing more letters. The heavy decision is in your hands. 

Playtime: A full play-through will probably take around 15-30 minutes, depending on your reading speed.

-Accessibility features-

  • A Black-on-White mode option is available in the preferences menu for the main game (Game default plays in White-on-Black mode. It can't change the colour of the menus, sorry).
  • Characters have coloured text to distinguish them, but each has an associated symbol too for colour-blind players.
  • Basic Ren’Py accessibility options such as changing font, font size and Text-to-Speech self-voicing, however the self-voicing may not work well due to the nature of the game.
  • This game has no sound aside from the main menu music, and very few images/animations.

Don't worry about downloading it for free, go ahead.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorChirriclo Games
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
TagsMinimalist, Mouse only, Narrative, Non violent, Ren'Py, Singleplayer, Text based
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, One button


AllWeHadLeftWereWords-mac.zip 29 MB
AllWeHadLeftWereWords-pc.zip 43 MB

Install instructions

After downloading and opening/extracting the ZIP, there should be an executable inside to run (An .exe for Windows, and an .app for Mac)


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I've played through the game once so far, but already it's an amazing experience. I love how it is focused completely around communication and using people's differing perspectives to work together to help solve a problem. It's such a unique style of play that I haven't really experienced before.

In order to progress, you have to listen to other people and communicate with them, and every choice you make can affect the story for better or worse.

Please consider playing this short little game. It's really quite wonderful and offers a good insight on communication.

Thanks so much for letting me know what you thought! I'm super glad you enjoyed it and got something out of it.